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Sarah gets to cuddle me
We had a visit from Nathan and Sarah and she couldn’t wait to cuddle me, and why not I am fantastic.
Me in my Swing
My grandparents Linda and Steph have bought me a motorised swing, I am not so sure I like it especially since my older brother can reach the controls, also [...]
Grandma Linda and Great-Grandma
Today I got to meet my Great-Grandma for the first time, she seemed to like me, I also managed to get some more cuddles from my Grandma Linda, I think we [...]
My Second Day
Slightly out of order in my images but these are the pictures from my second day when i came home and got to meet my brother in a relaxed [...]
Nana and Aunties Keating
On the Saturday after my birth when I was 2 days old the Aunties Kathryn and Lesley came to visit and brought Nana who required much cuddling.
First Day in Pictures
Below is a selection of images from my first day taken with Daddy’s iPhone, I do apologise for the picture quality and awful captions. (Please click [...]