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Uncle Simon and Aunty Cathy
At the weekend Auntie Cathy came to visit me and cuddle, she seems nice, I also got to cuddle my Uncle Simon, I wonder if he will let me hang on that lip hair?
Sarah gets to cuddle me
We had a visit from Nathan and Sarah and she couldn’t wait to cuddle me, and why not I am fantastic.
Me in my Swing
My grandparents Linda and Steph have bought me a motorised swing, I am not so sure I like it especially since my older brother can reach the controls, also [...]
My Second Day
Slightly out of order in my images but these are the pictures from my second day when i came home and got to meet my brother in a relaxed [...]
Nana and Aunties Keating
On the Saturday after my birth when I was 2 days old the Aunties Kathryn and Lesley came to visit and brought Nana who required much cuddling.
High Res Image
This is the first high resolution version of me, it is quite large. Also available on flickr at: [...]
First Day in Pictures
Below is a selection of images from my first day taken with Daddy’s iPhone, I do apologise for the picture quality and awful captions. (Please click [...]